William shakespeare short stories | Children stories

William shakespeare short stories

William shakespeare short stories are very popular fiction stories for children of age between 8 to 14 years.

William Shakespeare has ruled the English literature for 400 years. Now-a-days these world classics are available as William shakespeare short stories which are easy to read and understand.

Who is William Shakespeare ?

Born on 23 April in 1564 in the village of Stratford-on-Avon as the third child of John Shakespeare. William Shakeshpeare had to support his family as his father’s business fell apart. While 18, he married Anne Hathaway, a peasant girl, eight years older to him. About 1589, William Shakespeare joined a theatre company in London as a general helper but soon started acting and writing plays.

Why William Shakespeare was popular?

William shakespeare short stories

Initially, he worked with other writers, before writing his own plays. Love’s labour lost, Comedy of Errors, Two gentleman of Verona, Romeo & Juliet and many other plays were written during this period. In contemporary times, these world classics have become children stories which takes children to olden times.

William Shakespeare got popular very soon. Within 10 years of coming to London, he had become the most famous actor and writer of plays in English and he became quite wealthy.

But some personal sorrow seems to have struck him around this time as now he started writing tragedies. He wrote his greatest plays during this time – The Merchant of Venice, as you like it, , Julius Ceaser, Macbeth, Othello and King Lear etc.

When did william shakespeare died?

William Shakespeare was at the prime of his literary career, but it seems that name, fame and money did not interest him anymore. In 1597 he bought the finest house in Stratford and in 1611 he left London to settle there, permanently.  He died on the anniversary of his birth 23 April 1616.

Why William Shakespeare is still popular?

These world classics by William Shakespeare still alive in the form of William shakespeare short stories. These world classic children stories help children in developing language and imagination.

Fiction Masterpieces in form of William shakespeare short stories help children understand our world irrespective of changing times. Timelessness of great William shakespeare short stories makes it even more relevant for younger minds that are in their formative years.

What are William Shakespeare famous novels?

William Shakespeare has written many plays and few of the famous stories are as follows.

The Merchant of Venice | William shakespeare short stories 

William shakespeare short stories

One of the most popular comedies of Shakespeare, written around 1598. The story revolves around two central problems. The first issue is that of Bassanio. He needed money to go to Belmont. He borrowed it from Shylock, the cruel moneylender, on Antonio’s surety.

The problem occured when Antonio lost his ship. He was unable to pay back the money, which he  borrowed from Shylock.

Consequently, as per the bond signed at the time of borrowing Shylock can take a pound of flesh from Antonio’s body. When this case brought to court, Portia Bassanio’s his wife defends it as a lawyer. Read this exhilarating book which is a short story by William Shakespeare to find out how she defeats Shylock’s revenge.

King Lear | William shakespeare short stories

King Lear is a typical tragedy by Shakespeare. In this world classic, King Lear suffers misfortune and meets a sad fate mainly on account of his own faults.  Hasty temper, an intolerant attitude towards everybody, an excessive egoism and an incapacity to judge the character of those around him are his some of evil traits.

The way this play ends, no other ending could have done justice. It is not just a play but an overwhelming experience.  You will find this short story by William Shakespeare interesting and captivating. Read this exhilarating book to find out what happens in the end to King Lear and his daughters.

Macbeth | William shakespeare short stories 

World Classic by ShakespeareMacbeth was a brave and ambitious general of king Duncan in Scotland. He won many battles and was confidant of the king.

Once he was coming from the battlefield and he met three witches. The witches told him that he would be the future king of Scotland.

Later on, his wife also instigated him to kill the king Duncan and become the king.

Macbeth succeeds in his plan but soon his fortunes come to an end as prince Malcolm and general Macduff fight back to reclaim the crown.  Read this interesting short story by William Shakespeare to find out how this story unfolds.


Reading William shakespeare short stories or world classics means travelling back in time and enjoying the ride. Good news is that you can buy William shakespeare short stories collection online at very minimal prices.

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