Picture based story writing improves 5+ years old child English language

picture based story writing, Creative Writing

For improving your 5+ years old child English language, it is imperative to learn creative writing and critical thinking. Picture based story writing makes it easy for your child. At the age of 5 years children know ABC, can identify alphabet with objects, can sing Nursery Rhymes and also can do conversations of 5-10 words’ […]

Kids’ Hindi learning with fun – How many letters in Hindi Varnamala are!

how many letters in Hindi Varnmala

Does your child knows how many letters in Hindi Varnmala are! Does your child recognize Hindi Alphabets or Hindi Akshar as easily as he/she can identify A,B,C.. letters. Can your child identify Hindi name of the objects with the Hindi alphabets with ease or he struggles? Has your child learnt English ABC at turbo speed […]

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