Kids’ Hindi learning with fun – How many letters in Hindi Varnamala are!

how many letters in Hindi Varnmala

Does your child knows how many letters in Hindi Varnmala are!

how many letters in Hindi Varnmala

  • Does your child recognize Hindi Alphabets or Hindi Akshar as easily as he/she can identify A,B,C.. letters.
  • Can your child identify Hindi name of the objects with the Hindi alphabets with ease or he struggles?
  • Has your child learnt English ABC at turbo speed but have not been able to learn Hindi Akshar that well.

What does it suggest?

It suggests that your child has not been engaged in learning Hindi Akshar. Let us find out why your child does not know as to how many letters in Hindi Varnmala are?

how many letters in hindi varnamala

Now-a-days, children have free access to the youtube to watch kids show. To make children learn something, we, parents have adopted an easy way.

When our child insists for mobile, we give mobile in our child’s hand and play ABC, English rhymes. We do this so that our child is busy and learning at the same time.

Now, think, how many times have you put Hindi channel on youtube for them. And how many times you have asked about Hindi Akshar as compared to ABC.

This is one of the reason that why your child doesn’t know how many letters in Hindi Varnmala are there. So, it is time to for you as well to learn Hindi Alphabets with your child.

Everyone knows learning from TV kids channel is fun and easy. But, as you know watching TV / using mobile for long time is not good for your growing kid. It is scientifically proven that it restricts the kids’ creativity. Besides, it strains their cute little eyes.

Now ask yourself, what can you do to make your child learn Hindi Akshar in a fun way.

Get some books i.e. Hindi Varnmala Book & Hindi Alphabets worksheets

    • A book having Hindi alphabets with examples will help a great deal in engaging your kid in learning
    • Be with your child, point out at the Hindi alphabets and encourage your child to say it loud.
    • Do some fun activities like find me, sing Hindi alphabet songs with your kid

You can try Wisemen’s Abhinav Varnmala.  It has Hindi alphabets with not only 1 or 2 but with 5 examples. Moreover, Hindi varnamala with picture also makes it easy for child to learn better and faster.

Try this technique with your child. Your child will surprise you with answer as to how many letters in Hindi Varnmala are.  Apart from this he will educate you what are these Hindi Akshar.  Don’t believe.  Take a shot.

how many letters in hindi varnamala

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