Picture based story writing improves 5+ years old child English language

picture based story writing, Creative Writing

For improving your 5+ years old child English language, it is imperative to learn creative writing and critical thinking. Picture based story writing makes it easy for your child.

At the age of 5 years children know ABC, can identify alphabet with objects, can sing Nursery Rhymes and also can do conversations of 5-10 words’ sentences.  At this stage, it is time to level up kid’s imagination and creativity with words through picture-based story writing and storytelling .

In the early childhood education, the child learns to memorize, identify objects and colours, compare and contrast objects, learn alphabets, counting and improve fine motors.

Picture based story writing helps in enhancing your kids’ critical thinking and creative writing in fun way.

When your child grows 5+ years, it is time for your child to learn simple sentence and language Critical Thinking Creative writing for Class 1structure. Moreover, Improve vocabulary, learn sounds, learn letter & words, develop critical and imaginative thinking skills. And all this can be achieved easily while having fun by using a simple technique of story writing and storytelling?

Story writing on picture helps thought proving and imaginative writing and storytelling.  While do so, it lays a solid foundation to critical thinking and language development. The key with picture based story writing is to make children think & imagine.

What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing involves making one sentence after another. It fosters imagination and inspires kids to picture based story writing, Creative Writing for Class 1have fun with writing and thinking.

With this technique of Story writing on picture, kids start thinking out of the box while learning vocabulary, simple sentence and English language.

Good news is that even if your child is not ready to write yet, he/she still can do activities orally or by drawing pictures to express themselves.

The picture based story writing let your child creative juices flowing.

Wisemen’s “A starry book – Creative Writing & Critical Thinking”. It is an endevour to foster imagination and creativity in child.

  • This book helps in developing speech and language in socially interactive environment.picture based story writing, Creative Writing, Critical Thinking and Creative Writing for Class 1
    • This book is themed on Stars and Jungle, the fascinating topics to let the child’s imagination run free.
    • These interactive and Creative writing for Class 1 will give you and your child memorable time. It will also help you to make your child learn different words and sentence.
    • It has fun activities like Write & Draw, What if, Who-What-How, 5Ws and How, Pair Match, Word Match, Guided writing practice and Noticing skills . These activities will help your child to learn English while having fun.
    • These books includes a variety of writing exercises i.e. Question Answers, paragraph writing, Poem writing, picture based story writing, direction writing, compare and contrast.

Wisemen’s “A starry book – Creative Writing & Critical Thinking”, is written by an eminent author and educator Savina Dhawan. She loves to work with children and teach.  She has three Masters in English, Curriculum and Educational Leadership. Having over a decade of experience teaching English Language Arts in both India and the United States. She has coached children in speech and language development. Also, she has worked with babies from new born to 5 years with language development and phonemic awareness.

Make Creative writing for Class 1 child  fun with Picture based story writing….Read More


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